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A sample of projects undertaken is detailed below:



  • GRM International - Report to AusAID on the Economic Feasibility of existing Air Route Kabul – Tarrin-Kowt vv and Potential New Route Tarrin-Kowt – Kandahar vv



  • Adelaide Airport Limited - Expert advice and strategy development for building construction in the vicinity of existing radio navigation facilities.
  • Australian Maritime Safety Authority - Preparation of Tender Specifications and Tender Assessment for the Procurement of Airborne and Ground Based Direction Finding Equipment.
  • Civil Aviation Safety Authority - Review of draft regulatory framework facilitating a safe environment for competitive delivery of Air Traffic Services.
  • Coffs Harbour Airport - ICAO Pans/Ops assessment for precision approach options and production of Aeronautical Ground Lighting specifications for runway and taxiway extensions.
  • Department of Defence/Spotless P & F Pty Ltd - Major upgrade of airside facilities at the Royal Australian Air Force Base at East Sale, Victoria.
  • Department of Defence/DMM - Planning and design for a new Helicopter Landing Site to facilitate Air Ambulance Operations at the Puckapunyal Army base.
  • Department of Defence/Sinclair Knight Mertz - Feasibility study into future upgrade of airside facilities.
  • Department of Defence/Sypaq Pty Ltd - Project AIR 5431 - Provided CNS/ATM input to a study to articulate a National ATM architecture, focussed at the 2015 to 2020 timeframe, and provided a broad National ATM operational concept which also included tactical and deployable military specific ATC requirements. Project AIR 5432 - Provided CNS/ATM input to a project definition study to examine existing and future requirements, technologies, standards, projects and implementation schedules and their consequent impact on ADF Communications, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS)/ Air Traffic Management (ATM).
  • Department of Defence/RehbeinAOS - AGL and Apron Floodlighting Design and Specification at RAAF Bases (Edinburgh, Darwin and Townsville) in association with upgrade works for C17 aircraft type introduction.
  • Department of Defence/Wood and Grieve - AGL Design/Specification at Amberley RAAF Base in association with major upgrade of all facilities to prepare the airfield for its future as the prime Defence aviation facility.
  • Department of Transport and Regional Services - Conducted a post implementation revue of major changes to procedures at non-towered airports in Australia.
  • Department of Human Services, Government of Victoria - Assessment of requirements for Category A Vertical Operations for the Helicopter Air Ambulance fleet. - Assessment of competence of prospective ambulance helicopter service provider.
  • Gold Coast Airport Limited - Consultancy services to the airport management in relation to the future provision of airside services.
  • Government of Western Australia - Study into the feasibility of specific type aircraft operations between Perth and the Australian East Coast capital cities.
  • Hamilton Island Airport - Condition assessment, strategy development and estimation of future upgrade and maintenance costs for airside facilities at Hamilton Island airport, Queensland Australia.  Client Airbiz Pty Ltd.
  • Maunsell/Rehbein AOS - Preliminary design of Category 3 Aerodrome Lighting Facilities for the new runway at Brisbane Airport.
  • Maunsell/Rehbein AOS - Design and specification of runway, taxiway and precision approach path indicator systems to facilitate runway and taxiway extensions.
  • Sunshine Coast and Coffs Harbour Airports - Development of options for the provision of ATC and Airport Rescue and Firefighting Services under proposed new legislation.
  • Sydney Airport - Development of generic aeronautical ground lighting specifications, including runway, taxiway and approach lighting.
  • Trepell Airport - Design and specification of AGL and Apron Floodlighting facilities relative to a major airport upgrade.  Client BHP Billiton.
  • Komo Airport - Technical Assistance for procurement of ATS, Navigational Aids and AGL System for the new airport.
  • Ambulance Tasmania - Report regarding the classification of Helicopters and Helicopter Types that may be considered for use by ambulance helicopters.
  • AusAID - Report on the economic feasibility of existing Air Route Kabul – Tarrin-Kowt vv and potential new route Tarrin-Kowt – Kandahar Afghanistan.
  • McConnell Dowell - Technical assistance for procurement of ATS, Navigational Aids and AGL System for Komo Airport.
  • Sinclair Knight Merz - Design review of Rockhampton Airport Control Tower.
  • Sypaq Systems Pty Ltd - Provision of Expert Navigational Aid Services for the production of Capability Development Documents (CDD) for the Defence Materials Organisation (DMO).
  • Sinclair Knight Merz - Frieda River Aerodrome Conceptual Design in relation to requirements for Radio/visual navigational aid facilities and other ATS and aerodrome services.
  • Sinclair Knight Merz - Concept design and cost estimates for Radio and Visual Navigational Aid Facilities for Ferraus Aerodrome Pilbarra.
  • Private Individual - Aeronautical Study of proposed Aircraft Operations at Apollo Bay Airfield.
  • Sinclair Knight Merz - Specialist advice on operational issues in regard to the design of Blackwater Helicopter Landing Site.
  • Sinclair Knight Merz - Gold Coast Airport Apron Floodlighting Design – Review of Floodlighting Design.
  • Sinclair Knight Merz - Review of key assets and capital expenditure at Hobart International Airport   Aerodrome Ground Lighting.
  • Far East Consortium - Report to the Far East Consortium on the impact of a proposed development at 250 Spencer Street, Melbourne on the obstacle environment in the vicinity of Essendon Airport.
  • Jacobs Group (Australia) Pty Ltd - Provision of services in relation to Melbourne Airport (Taxiway Zulu) Project.



  • Santiago International Airport - Engaged by Thorn to undertake a contactor performance review in relation to the implementation of new control tower ATS facilities.



  • Chep Lap Kok International Airport, Hong Kong - Project management services provided for a dedicated Aeronautical Ground Lighting and the Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (SMGCS) communications network.  Consultancy services provided for the design, development and installation supervision of an independent Aeronautical Ground Lighting back-up control system.  Assessment of system requirements to facilitate Low Visibility Operations. Human machine interface study for air traffic control.
  • Beijing – Member of First China/Australia Joint Transport Working Group.
  • Beijing – Development of Industry seminars.
  • Beijing - Trade Missions to CCADF 2011, 2012.
  • China - Super Trade Mission 2012 for the Victorian State Government of Australia.
  • Civil Aviation Management Institute of China - Training seminars in Melbourne on Aviation Quality Assurance and In-Flight Emergency Procedures.
  • Civil Aviation Management Institute of China - Development and Delivery of the CAMIC Logistics Support Training.
  • Civil Aviation Management Institute of China - CAMIC Aviation Safety Surveillance and Management Training.
  • Civil Aviation Management Institute of China - CAMIC Training Seminar on General Aviation and Air Traffic Management.


Democratic Republic of the Congo

  • United Nations New York - Independent assessment of specifications and contractor selection for United Nations Airport Services Contract.  This involved detailed on site condition assessment of service requirements at Kinshasa, Kisangani, Kindu, Kalamie, Manono, Kananga, and Ilebo airports in the Congo and projected UN air operations in a Peace keeping environment.  .  Undertook a future planning study of the airports being used by the UN Peace Keeping department to ascertain requirements for upgrading the services to meet the increasing traffic demands.
  • Various Airports - Retained to carry out a survey of airport facilities at several airports being used by the United Nations peacekeeping forces.



  • Mumbai International Airport - Planning, design and implementation of works for the major upgrade of airside facilities at Mumbai International Airport.



  • Tripoli Mitiga Airport - Retained by a leading British aerospace consultancy, as specialist technical advisors, to assist in reviewing, planning and implementing the strengthening of an overseas civil aviation authority.
  • Undertook Aeronautical study to determine the impact assessment of a new high rise hotel development in the immediate airport vicinity on approach and circling minima.



  • ES KO - Provided expert advice in relation to their successful bid to upgrade Herat Airport in Afghanistan for NATO.  The project involved design and specification of airside facilities including AGL, Apron Floodlighting, refuelling facilities, electrical reticulation and ICAO signs and marking.



  • Monterrey Del Norte Airport - Feasibility study into the development prospects of Del Norte Airport to support future commercial domestic and international air transport operations up to ICAO Code F size.



  • AusAID Civil Aviation Regulations Project - Phase I - Review of Civil Aviation Law, derivation and production of 19 draft Civil Aviation Regulations, and a complete revision of the Safety Regulations Department organisational structure.  Phase 2 - Completion of a further 12 draft Civil Aviation Regulations and Standards and Operating manuals covering Standards and Operating procedures for Air Traffic Services, CNS Facilities, Search and Rescue and Aerodromes.
  • Civil Aviation Authority of Mongolia - Assistance with the completion and implementation of the National Y2K Contingency Plan for the CAA Mongolia, during the Y2K critical period 31/12/99 to 1/1/00.  Development of Instrument Approach Procedures for Ulaanbaatar Airport and regional airports in accordance with ICAO PANS/OPS. Approach procedure design training for ILS, VOR, NDB, Associated DME and GPS Procedures.  Definition studies for the establishment of Air Accident Investigation Bureau and Aviation Medicine Unit.  Project Management of the upgrade of airside facilities at Muren Airport.  Aviation Sector Strategy Development.
  • Jayrow Helicopters - Assistance with the importation and establishment of operations of Eurocopter Helicopter in the mining survey sector.
  • Organised and led two Trade Missions for the Victorian State Government.


New Zealand

  • Invercargill Airport - Development of options for the retention of Air Traffic Control.


Papua New Guinea

  • Balus Programme, Office of Civil Aviation - Civil Aviation Training Needs Analysis, responsible for identifying skills, knowledge and training requirements for national civil aviation business units, functions and job specifications; determining delivery options and costs involved with that training, and preparation of a comprehensive needs analysis report.  Civil Aviation SAR Training Needs Analysis, responsible for identifying skills, knowledge and training requirements for the provision of an ICAO standard SAR organization.
  • Jacksons Airport, Port Moresby - Assistance provided to Airsys ATM with bid preparation for a control tower and Area/Approach Control Centre.
  • Exxon Komo Airport Project – Design and Development of Technical Specifications for AGL, ATS Systems and Radio Navigation Aids for major airport development.  Aurecon.



  • ASEAN Trade Mission to Malaysia and the Philippines with the Victorian State Government.


United States

  • United Nations New York - Development of a Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNNS) operations manual for United Nations contracted air operators and aircraft.